Monday, May 23, 2011

The Content Conundrum

Here's the issue with being an indie writer and beginning blogger: on the one hand, this isn't a personal journal. I have one of those in a different space and under a different name, and it serves its purpose quite well. While my friends might not actually care about what my cat has done that day, the friendship code means that they'll at least pretend convincingly.

I have no right or reason to expect random strangers on the internet to care about what my cat has done that day. (Even if I am starting to suspect that my neighbors are somehow slipping her cocaine through the vents. Don't look at me like that, it's entirely plausible.) On the other hand, on a truly professional writing blog, you expect that the bulk of the content would be focused on, well, writing, would you not? In that case, it would be fairly helpful if I actually had a book or two out that was holding its own before I start holding forth. Without sales to encourage people to at least pretend, most talk about writing just isn't interesting. Individual writing projects are only interesting to the people who are thigh-deep in them, and maybe one or two close buddies.

I'm a good friend. I make certain that my pals are well-plied with alcohol before I begin either whining or squeeing about my latest baby. One, if a drunk person can manage to spot your plot holes, then it's probably a wise idea to rock back onto your heels and ponder a bit before moving forward. In the same vein, if I can keep a drunk person's attention for more than five minutes, then I'm probably at least flailing in the right direction. Besides, I've bought them drinks. People are far less likely to go toddling in the other direction when they owe you a round.

Alas, I cannot send beer through the internet to you all. I suspect that I would get many more hits on this blog if I could. Expect this space to be a mix of book reviews, the nuts and bolts aspects of writing that I can chatter about without being too ridiculous, and, yeah, the occasional dash of self-promotion. (I'm keeping the utterly pointless posts from March and April as they are, because the learning curve amuses me.) Being a bit needy by nature, every once in a while I have been known to turn barrel rolls for applause.

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