Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blogger! I return!

Actually, no, I don't. I'm having a number of computer issues right now that are currently leaving me internet-functional but unable to work in anything that isn't longhand, which is obviously an issue when it comes to drafting or blogging (the thing that you're all here for). I'm working on it, and begging the sweet and lovely IT guys to get me one more year with this laptop before I have to purchase another one.

In news that I hope is not related but highly suspect given the timing, my Yahoo account was hacked Saturday morning. Now, this is not the account that I use for professional correspondence, but I access them both from the same computer, and this "coincidence" in timing is bringing forth serious side-eye in me. If you get an email that looks as if it's from me, for the time being I highly urge you to contact me on Twitter before you open it. I'm MariStroud thereabouts, too.

See you when I see you, y'all, which hopefully won't be too long of a gap. (Obvious statement is obvious, but: damn if the internet doesn't move like lightning.)

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