Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Won't be too much longer before I'm muttering over my pen cache like Gollum.

I hit 50,000 words on my current WIP (51,200, to be exact), making it officially a novel. Aww, my little baby is all growing up! It's shaping to be in the 80,000-90,000 word range when the first draft is completed, which is just where I want to be. (There are some fat parts in the middle wherein Our Heroines are mostly running from place to place like video game characters instead of, you know, actually sleuthing.) I'm feeling fairly accomplished right now; you would think that maybe now would be the time to push forward for another thousand words or two, since I'm such a Type A and all. Nope, though, not going to happen. It doesn't fit the routine.

I write for about an hour and a half to two hours per day, during my breaks and lunch period at my day job. When I try to write during the weekend, I mostly just flail in circles and frustrate myself without managing to get much of anything done. This is so weird to me, because it used to be that I could write anywhere. I was broke as hell in college and wouldn't have written anything at all if the only time that I wrote was when I could throw enough elbows to get access to a computer, so I wrote longhand in the hallways, in class, and at work. (And considering the grades and job evaluations that I still managed to pull, maybe I should be packing in this whole writer thing and be going for a fulfilling career as a con artist instead.) I was like those people who can sleep hanging upside down or on the wings of planes, but with writing. I get a fresh amusement when I read people describing their writing routines that absolutely cannot be deviated from since I've become one of them.

So, folks, what do you do create your writing space? (And it's okay to say Starbucks. I won't judge.)


  1. I write on breaks, as well as when I get home. It really does help to say 'this is writing time' otherwise there are a myriad of things that can interfere.

    Sam with other creative endeavors.

    And you made a Gollum reference too. *amused*

  2. I write wherever my monkey brain lets me.


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  3. @Kirsten

    Working while I'm actually, physically at my day job sends a signal to my brain that it's business-time now. It's so much slower and more exhaustive to do it at home.


    That works, too! Can't argue with a monkey brain.