Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Leech and Sea Change

Twelve whole sentences? Why, doing two books at once comes remarkably close to being a post of substance!

The first of our offerings comes from Leech, the third book in my ongoing Super series, which I'm aiming to release late this summer, perhaps early fall. It's Mindy's turn to stand in the spotlight! I enjoyed the writing of this book immensely, as whispers of the end game start to come into play, and I got a chance to hang out in the head of a character who really didn't get much depth in Super. Here we go:

"Mindy didn't get angry often, but all of the sudden it was hard to keep her fingers from shaking, and harder still to keep them from squeezing down. Mindy took several deep breaths before she trusted herself to speak.

'What are you doing here, Jane?' she asked the woman who had worn her face for more than a month while Mindy herself had been trapped in Evelyn's hell, the woman who had gone through her house and touched her things and stolen her life.

Jane's eyes were wide. She swallowed several times and at last managed, 'I need your help.'

Mindy startled enough to loosen her grip on Jane's throat."

The second excerpt comes to use from a little book called Sea Change, which is a ridiculously trashy paranormal romance that I wrote to blow off steam while Siren, Naomi's book, was kicking my ass in its first draft. It makes me so happy. It's about a young woman named Odessa who's running away from her life and finds herself in Key West, Florida, an island that has become very near and dear to my heart over the course of the past few years. When you don't fit into your old world any longer, there's nothing better than an island specializing in taking in weirdoes:

"She arrived in Miami after three days. Odessa stopped at a gas station, telling herself that she was only pausing to buy a gallon of water for the old man's radiator and a donut for herself. She was still sitting in the parking lot over an hour later with the water jug in one hand and her pastry in the other, thinking and ignoring the people who walked past the truck and snuck peeks at her. She was sure she was a sight after over seventy-two hours of driving across twelve states, her auburn hair sticking out in frizzy tangles where it had worked loose from her ponytail and red lines burned into her face from where she had remembered sunglasses but not sunscreen. Odessa looked like someone who had broken into the truck and was going to get her ass kicked once its real owner came back and found her there. And she still wasn't as far away as she could get yet."

Sea Change is still in its first draft, and I don't know when I'll have it ready for full human consumption. I'm aiming for the winter holidays, however.

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