Friday, March 14, 2014

My Veronica!

I am too sick to go see the Veronica Mars movie in public. (No one wants my sneezes and old man coughs in the theater, plus calling in today just makes it bad form.) I know I can rent it as of now on iTunes, but who knows how long it's going to last on the big screen when only certain theaters are carrying it now! Obviously, I am made of tragedy.
So go see it in my absence, even though I am going to transparently rent it on my computer. To my memory, this is the first crowd-funded major motion picture ever, and it features Kristen Bell as lead and is written by Rob Thomas. (Buy a copy of Rats Saw God and the S1 of VMars, thank you.) The crowd-funding in and of itself is a big deal, and a major paradigm shift from what studio heads think people want versus want people *actually want*. Secondly: Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas, always a smarter-than-you neo-noir combo. Thirdly: OMG MY SMASHY MARSHMALLOW IS BACK GET HERE YOU SWEETNESS. The fact that Veronica Mars is not included on every single list of badass Internet heroines is a freaking crime.

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