Tuesday, July 1, 2014

REVIEW: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Usual caveats: 'ware spoilers.

Okay.  This is a bad movie.  It falls into the classic superhero movie fail of trying to stir in too many villains with too many agendas, it has all the racism and misogyny of a Transformers movie*, it's in general a steaming pile of stupid.  HOWEVER.  It is a visually entertaining movie.  It does have Stanley Tucci, whose career choices continue to baffle me in the best way possible.  (Thank you for Burlesque, sir.  Thank you.)  And it has robot dinosaurs.

As it turns out, I will put up with a lot for robot dinosaurs.

*At least Mikaela did stuff; Tessa just screams for people to help her without making even a token effort to save herself.  Darci and Su were pretty awesome, though, and I wished the movie contained more of them.


  1. Good review Mari. All of the explosions and violence is fine, but three hours is a little too much for something like this.

  2. @Dan O: It could have been a fun little summer movie if it had tightened up more. As it was, there were three and a half villains who all wanted different things, so it ended up sort of a mess.