Friday, March 11, 2011

Crushing despair, y'all. CRUSHING.

I came to the reluctant conclusion today that I can't have my dream cover for Super ≠ Model, damn it all. There's this whole thing where it involves a ledge (which looks much higher than it actually is!), and heels, and apparently we can't shoot during the day and then apply a filter to make it look like night…yeah. Doing it up both right and safely would involve lights, safety equipment, and permits, none of which I can handle while working off of pittances and pennies from heaven. (The current plan is to snap as many shots as we can as quickly as we can and then run like hell.) I work with the model's mother. It is going to be really awkward if I accidentally kill her child.

I heave a sigh for my clearly difficult life, don't you? *goes in search of wine*

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