Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Jessica Verday hasn't had the best of years. There was the tiny little issue of an editor attempting to pressure her into taking the gay romance out of her YA novella in order to turn it into a heterosexual love affair, her refusal and the yanking of the story, and the publishing house's subsequent attempts to burn her career. (Cleolinda has the full deets here, and I'm not ashamed to say that the house's behavior was a major factor in this pretty miss deciding to go indie. I try to control my millworker mouth when I'm on the internet, but certain anatomically improbable things with a chainsaw might have been suggested.)

Happily for us, however, she has plucked herself up and is now selling the novella, Flesh Which Is Not Flesh, as a stand-alone. Even better, 50% of the proceeds through August 31 will go to the Living Beyond Tolerance scholarship fund. So go forth, my lovelies, to buy and then promote like mad promoting things!!!

(I admit that I should not be allowed candy in the afternoons, but still: this is very cool, y'all.)

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