Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hugo Weaving Is a Creepy Mofo: An Essay in Pictures.

As I mentioned on this blog, I saw Captain America a few weeks ago and was duly impressed. Most of my praise went to Chris Evans, whom I had not anticipated would be able to tone down his comedic side enough to deliver on the gravitas required for a capital-letter Heroic role. (And was I ever glad to be wrong; I'm even more excited about The Avengers now.) What I am now fearing, however, is that I neglected to praise one of the movie's other major tent pegs, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. That man is creepy, y'all. Case in point:

Granted, Weaving is most known for his villains, but that's a headshot! When you look as if you drag the skin off of your forehead all the way around to the back of your skull in order to make another face in a generic headshot, maybe there are certain roles that are naturally going to find their way to you.

So you can't hear him utter his trademark "Mr. Anderson." Does that really stop a cold chill from running up your spine?

Okay, you might be saying, so Mr. Weaving scored one, now two iconic villain roles and is going to have more loose skin than a Shar-Pei once he reaches a certain distinguished age. It's not fair to call him creepy based upon that. After all, the man does play heroes sometimes...

His eyebrows do that naturally? But I'm not being fair. After all, I haven't discussed my favorite role of his yet.

Most convincing good guy he's ever played. Can't imagine why.

(This is what I do when it's raining too hard to run errands, folks.)


  1. Your bio uses the word "creeper," thereby, you are an awesome human being. And, I had no idea he was the V for Vendetta guy. I'm learning. lol

  2. @Kelley

    Thank you very much! I try to be as truthful as possible in my advertising. (I'm hoping that it will keep the restraining orders down.)