Thursday, October 13, 2011

The difference between "revenge" and "avenge" lies in a kickin' suit.

The official Avengers trailer is out. You might have heard.

What amuses me the most about this very amusing trailer (I would promise to live-tweet the movie when it premieres, but it's not concern about spoilers that halts me, it's the fact that I'm going to be squeeing like a damn fool during the whole thing) is that Tom Hiddleston, surprisingly one of the least geeky members of the cast, apparently spent the entire filming struggling not to die of glee.

(I know, I know, I indirectly promised bear-poking on Ye Olde Twitter yesterday, but it needs some editing; one does not poke bears unless one is absolutely sure she has looked ahead to the counterarguments. Little Miss Likes To Fight will probably be paying a visit this weekend instead.)


  1. I find your subtle sense of humor delightful, actually you are delightful, I declare myself lucky to have discovered your blog because I was in terrible need of interesting people...Kisses and good luck on your writing.

  2. @unikorna

    Thank you very much! We live in a ridiculous universe, it would be completely unbearable if we couldn't laugh at it.

  3. I've never won the internet before, but Ani, the old school Ani rather, is my musical muse. Love her. Have a good night.

  4. @RhiannonPaille

    You're very welcome!