Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Anecdote is Random.

As most of you know, I'm readying a couple of books for self-publication. I am also doing this on a shoestring budget, which involves a lot of networking. (Surprisingly not-hard, even for a dedicated introvert like myself. It mostly involves reciprocity, lack of being an asshole, and enthusiasm. I live in a world with a significantly more explanation points now.)

For the past several weeks, I have been fretting over the covers for Books One and Two, since I hadn't yet networked my way into cheap models for Books Three, Four, and Five. It's a series, they need to clearly belong together as a set; I was thinking that Audrey and I were going to have to trash the epic full-body ideas that we had in favor of face-only covers so that I wouldn't have to sell organs to afford the last three. But! The model for the second book also does costuming and theater on the side and is skilled in changing herself up. Meaning that with a little help with angles, wigs, and masks (writing about superheroes ftw!), plus a dollop of graphic design wizardry from Audrey, and I'm only lacking a model for the fifth book. Surely my inevitable fame and fortune will have kicked in by then!

So I'm talking to the model via text today, and she chirps back, "Sure! Will I need to be nekkid?" no point did I mention nudity while sketching out any of my ideas. In fact, the second cover will probably be done outside and in January, so I'm going to rule against it. I am putting my foot down and instituting a pants-mandatory workplace. Plus, I've already had to scrap one of my ideas for Book One because it would just be too dangerous without a lot of money on permits and safety equipment, and I'm pretty sure that a public indecency charge would rate right up there.

Networking is actually really fun.

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