Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And now for an experiment.

In an effort to avoid the dreaded February/March sales slump that so many have gone through before me, I lowered the price of Super to $.99 here. I've talked about ebook pricing briefly before from the perspective of a reader, but this is my first time experimenting as an author. The price has actually been lowered for about about a week without a big enough hitch in sales to make up for the fact that I'm getting one-sixth of the money per book sold, but that brings me to my next part: I'm taking the plunge and enrolling in KDP Select. I've been reading a lot of blog posts by people both in favor of KDP Select and against it, and I think that I have enough information to cautiously give it a try. And to be quite honest, save for a handful of sales on Smashwords during the first month, every single one of my sales thus far has come from Amazon. All of them. So I've put in my opt-out request on Smashwords and will un-publish there just as soon as they notify all of their various distribution partners. In the meantime, everyone who agreed to review Super has already collected their copy, and I'm not taking it out of my archive altogether. It will still be available to anyone who has already purchased in one form or another to get an additional copy if they need it. If you prefer epub format, just shoot me a line via email (MariStroud@gmail.com), Twitter (MariStroud), or right here on this post and I'd be happy to help. (Actually, I'm still fairly impoverished when it comes to reviews--I had a high number of acceptances when I first made the rounds, but I'm of course at the bottom of all of their TBR ples--so if you're the type who likes to talk about books while getting free stuff, I might cling to you like a baby monkey. But gently.)

So, rawr. *makes grar fingers* The next few posts will get back to business with book reviews for the Apocalypse/Dystopia Challenge, writing check-ins, and a tale of the day I finally snapped and threw out my day planner like the neurotic heroine of a rom-com. (The last being something that everyone should do at least once.)

In the meantime, check out Super for just $.99: costs less than a soda, has no high-fructose corn syrup.

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