Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burnout or Laziness: How Do You Tell?

Y'all, I have a confession to make. While the sales on Super are going better than I had anticipated (considering, y'know, that I my online presence is still in its infancy and I only have the one book out) and that success is fueling my enthusiasm towards editing Fire with Fire...Siren is not going nearly so well. I only broke 28,000 words today; I should be more along the lines of 40-45K by this point. At first I thought that my issues were a combination of laziness, some strife taking place in my non-computer life right now, and a little dash of Naomi just being a difficult character to write.

And then a friend gently pointed out to me that I've been stalled about two-thirds of the way through the outline for Bulletproof, Bonnie's book, for the last two weeks, and I love Bonnie. I've been doing a happy dance at the mere thought of starting her book ever since I decided to turn Super into a series. Oh. I don't get burned out that often; you might have noticed that I'm, ah, kind of a Type A personality who gets crap done rather than waiting for muses who might change their minds at any moment. However, that my no means indicates that I'm immune, so I'm taking a week's break to read, watch terrible television, and, as King so delicately put it, spend a little time drinking at the myth pool. (If there's a more poetic way to describe being a lazy so-and-so, I haven't heard it.)

So, friends, neighbors, and country-persons, what's your writing routine? How do you tell a desire to faff from an actual need to stop and recharge?

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