Saturday, April 7, 2012

In order to build anticipation, apparently, you need to be present.

Which is a completely unfair rule, so consider this my lodged formal protest.

Anyway, I haven't been around much to promote the upcoming release of Fire With Fire mostly because I've been busy getting it ready for said release on May 9th. It's going well; I do not anticipate any problems getting it done with as much as two weeks to spare. I'm a bit of a lunatic Type A, though, so I won't relax until it's ready to go and contingency plans A through H have been notarized. *shrug* I no longer try to fight my basic nature. I've also been wrapping up the first draft of Siren, Naomi's book, which I am frustrated to say has not been going so well. I anticipated Leech being the one to kick my ass the most, since Mindy and I have virtually nothing in common other than that we're both Texan, but that one was a peach. (Leading me to wonder if I have some unpleasant surprises waiting for me once I crack it open to edit, eek.) Ah, well, there's nothing to be done now but push through, knowing that it'll be months before I have to face it again in editing.

Now, in news of the book that's actually coming out in a month rather than the two who are six months and a year out, respectively, I have a date to shoot the cover! April 14th, and the woman who has agreed to be the model (and will also be portraying Naomi on Siren's cover, because she's a wiz at changing her appearance and wants the chance to glue things to her face) is fairly well-known in my area for being an incredible makeup artist in addition to being staggeringly beautiful herself. She has brought so much artistic insight into portraying J's look that I can hardly stand how excited I am. Truly one of those rare kismet situations. In addition to doing the cover reveal over the next two weeks, I'll be posting the first three chapters of Fire With Fire to whet your appetites for the whole thing. Stay tuned, and don't forget that Super is available for $2.99 in the sidebar right now and will be available free as a very special promotion May 9th-13th!

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