Saturday, April 28, 2012

On the Dearth of Bisexual Literature, a great guest post at the Lesbrary.

Link here.

Check out the comments section, too, there are some great books being recommended in there.

I can absolutely empathize with Walkley's frustrations here; I've had a bitch of a time figuring out how to market Super as a book with a bisexual lead that's not erotica. (Actually, since sex wouldn't fit into Super's plot and I wanted to make sure that the queer couple isn't treated any differently than the straight couples, there's a "no one gets laid onscreen" rule for the duration of this series. So, um, spoiler alert.)

I'm not entirely sure how the best way to correct this issue of very narrow expectations when it comes to literature featuring queer protagonists, save to talk up the books that break the mold as much as possible. So check out the link, and check out the Lesbrary in general, they have some of the best f/f book reviewers around.

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