Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making cracks about leap-frogging is probably not appropriate, given that I've spent the evening writing smut under a pen name.

About a year ago, I was doing the first draft of Naomi's book--AKA When Shit Starts Getting Real--and, man, did I ever hit a wall. Hard. I looked like a pekinese. At the suggestion of Aud (who can just shut her face right now, she knows why), I threw it into a drawer and started work on a ridiculous standalone PNR as a way of blowing off steam. A year later, I'm editing it. I've learned two things:

1) Over-thinking, thy name is Mari.

2) Damn, I miss Naomi and Ophelia. They are truly the OTP of this series. Well, there's one more, but it's currently redacted due to spoilers.

Ugh, y'all.  Why must editing be so hard?


  1. Editing is VERY hard. I have no explanation either!

  2. @Jennifer

    I am absolutely terrible at making myself work when it feels like, well, work. *hangs head*