Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Help me, oh intarwebs.

I'm back, briefly.  (Antidepressants are wonderful inventions, by the way.  I didn't even mind the tremors and blown pupils as I adjusted.)  And I have a problem that I need you to help me solve.

See, I want to do a promo for the Fourth of July weekend, because I like throwing glitter.  My quandary, however, is whether I should do it for Fire with Fire or Leech.  On the one hand, J is made for a holiday featuring fireworks.  On the other hand, I only have one Kindle freebie day left for her until the middle of August.  (Gotta plan this stuff better.)  Mindy, meanwhile, has five free days, and I don't have a single character in this series more apple-pie than her.

So, intarwebs.  Help me out, because I don't want to make a decision.  What would you like to see for free?

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