Monday, December 9, 2013

I get a weird thrill out of making checklists.

I'm looking into getting help for it.  Things I need to get done:

1) The Siren cover.  Sweet Christ, I'm starting to feel like I need to hang up a sign stating "Free Punches" to cover every time I mention it without, you know, accomplishing it.

2) The Bonnie&J novella.  It really has no other plot thus far than "Bonnie and J have hijinks."  I consider this to be a solid life-plan.

3) Resume editing on Sea Change.

4) Resume writing on the (side) side as Smutty Alter Ego.  I miss her.

5) Bulletproof.

6) Clean this damned house before it locks its own door and swallows me absorbs me like an amoeba feeding.  What?  It's not always about the books.

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