Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yeah, I done did it.

I...don't like to advertise myself a lot or state things I feel should be a moo-duh moment like I'm a prophet.  (Superheroes can be POC!  They can be queer!  They can be women!  They can even be women that don't fit your beauty demands!)  This probably explains part of my sales, but something I absolutely strive for with the Super series is empowered women.  Part of that means that I pay attention to conventional beauty standards and keep them in mind as I'm drafting.  If anything, I tend to mark my female characters by what would be considered "flaws."  J has a broad jaw, Mindy is short and compact, Bonnie is a baby giraffe.  If you find them lovely, it's because they do lovable things. I *do* try to emphasize, however, that each of my five characters are athletes, and athletes freaking eat.

Dear Media: stop trying to make even "perfect" women feel like shit in order to sell more shit.

Five minutes of what the media actually does to women.

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