Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!

Welp, I'm going to take the plunge and start carrying my baby around the neighborhood. Here are the opening lines to my current WIP, Siren:

They had a system, and it worked. Ophelia worried. Naomi distracted her. On a good night, they punched people.

Naomi hoped that this was going to wind up being a good night. She leaned against a humming air conditioning unit and listened to the cacophony that only registered as a murmur to Ophelia beside her.

Siren is the fourth book of the Super series, which I hope to release in December of 2012. Look for the second book, Fire with Fire in April, and the third, Leech this summer. In the meantime, the first book, Super itself is available for the low, low price or $2.99 here.

(Does anyone else picture themselves in a loud coat like a used car salesman when they pimp their stuff? It makes me laugh.)

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