Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Month Check-In, or I Am an Impatient Minx.

Well, Super has been out for one full month. I read somewhere that the average ebook sells two copies a month; I'm definitely doing better than that, though I'm certainly nowhere near bestseller status, quitting my day job, or turning up my nose at the unwashed masses while I sardonically swirl my martini. I'm learning the ropes of book promotion slowly but surely. As I mentioned in my last post, my first author interview is up here, and then today I even got my first review! I had been told that a 20% acceptance rate at book review blogs was a success; I'm cruising along at a level closer to 70%, though several of the bloggers warned me that it would be months, in one case as long as a year, before they worked their way through the TBR pile to get to my book. I have no idea why I have this inordinate success rate. I don't do anything fancier than reading the blogger's favored genres and requirements before emailing them, being enthusiastic and friendly in my correspondence, and then thanking them for their time afterwards. It really is true that luck is a huge component, though being laid-back and accessible certainly can't hurt.

In fact, when I release my inevitable self-publishing how-to (because that's what all the cool kids are doing), it's going to consist of one sentence repeated over and over again: Don't be an asshole. Don't worry, I'll make it a free download.

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