Monday, November 7, 2011

"Smart, sexy, and the women of the Otherworld."

Thus is the tagline for one of my favorite book series, Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld. Tara-Jayne at Basically Books is currently reading the series for the first time, which has spurred me to re-read it and discover all over again why I love it so. She writes smart, tough, multifaceted women with distinct voices and ethical codes--and she does it from first person POVs. (We're always most impressed in others by what we cannot do easily ourselves, aren't we?) The cover that I've embedded is a great example of her talent and skill. No Humans Involved is Jaime's book, and Jaime is not a character that I would normally have much interest in, but with Armstrong's magic (bad pun, I know, throw the easy ones back) she has become one of my favorite characters. I love her odd sense of humor, her ditz-fits whenever Jeremy is around (and how disconcerted they make her, since she's not a woman prone to fluttering otherwise), and even her love of shoes. That's the mark of a damned good writer, right there.

(Naturally, since you can't have "fan" without "fanatic", I also have my LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!1!! character in Savannah. You'll find that my sanity level is inversely proportional to how much she's being picked on in any given scene. I make no apologies for this.)

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