Monday, November 14, 2011

Unabashed Happy Post

Mondays suck. I've been aggressively using exclamation points all day in an effort to compensate.

Firstly, Alchemy of Scrawl brought my attention to this super idea, Adopt an Indie Month! I don't have time to participate with NaNoWriMo entering its homestretch, but I'm super-excited to read everyone's interviews and blogs!

Books Read Recently:

Let's Get Digital: How to Self-Publish and Why You Should by David Gaughran. I particularly liked the segment on formatting (I can break a website by looking at it wrong, that chapter wouldn't stand a chance if it were possible to dog-ear an e-book) and the stories of all the self-publishing authors who are currently making it--not the three who get talked about all the time.

And again: True Porn Clerk Stories, with bonus thanks to everyone who RTed me on Twitter! Reading it again only made even happier to have rediscovered it. Given the books advertised around it (eep), I should have mentioned: it's not erotica. (With no disrespect to the romance writers I know!) I was seventeen when I starting reading the blog for the first time, and I didn't become a serial killer, but Davis talk fairly frankly about some of the covers that she saw over the course of the job. Chalk it up as a firm NSFW.


  1. I love happy posts, Mari! They are a perfect read after my long day at work, so thank you for that :)

    I agree, Mondays do suck. I actually feel bad, because they have a rep the will never be able to get rid of being at the beginning of the work week. I wonder if we call it the first Friday of the week, if attitudes will change.

    Thanks for the ideas for great books to read. I'll be adding them.

  2. @ L. J.

    You're very welcome! It's cold and rainy here, too--blegh. Totally weather for a happy post.

    Gaughran's book is a pretty straightforward breakdown of the numbers that most indie/self-publishing hopefuls are familiar with by now, but I'll definitely be turning to the formatting and testimonial chapters again.